Treasure® TYPE-9 (Series II)
Treasure® TYPE-9 (Series II)
Treasure® TYPE-9 (Series II)
Treasure® TYPE-9 (Series II)
Treasure® TYPE-9 (Series II)
Treasure® TYPE-9 (Series II)
Treasure® TYPE-9 (Series II)
Treasure® TYPE-9 (Series II)

Treasure® TYPE-9 (Series II)


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Silicone feet color
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Treasure® TYPE-9 is a mechanical keyboard macropad in a small form factor. Inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics, the design a bold and minimalist. The blend between rounded lines and sharp edges makes it stands out on your desk.

On the technical side, the TYPE-9 is an easy to program and entirely solderless USB-C 9 key macropad  ( 3by3 macropad )
The kit will be sold with 9 DSA keycaps, and an USB Type-C to A cable, so you just have to bring your keyswitches.

Compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux. Also works on iPad ( Works on Procreate )

This fully programable 9-keys ( 3by3 macropad ), can be use for shortcuts, as a Stream Deck or simply for Artisan display. 


  • 1 x Treasure® TYPE-9 (Series II) case in Brass or Aluminum
  • 1 x Metal Plate ( Silver for White and Chrome / Dark Grey for Black )
  • 1 x TYPE-9 PCB ( USB-C )
  • 2 x Custom Molded Foot (Silicone) in the color of your choice
  • 1 x USB-C to USB-A cable
  • 9 x Blank DSA Keycaps ( From Signature Plastics )
  • 1 x Cleaning Cloth ( Brass versions only )
  • Screws and Allen key
  • Quick start guide
  • Packaging

WEIGHT ( built with keycaps - Estimate )
  • 150gr ( Aluminum version )
  • 360gr ( Brass versions )

  • Crafted from Aluminum 6061 or Brass
  • Powder coated case ( Aluminum Version )
  • PVD Coated, Mirror finished case ( Brass Versions )
  • Removable Plate
  • White PCB in switch backlight
  • Switch Sockets (hot-swappable/no soldering required)
  • PCB compatible with QMK firmware / VIA
  • Low Profile custom silicone pads with 3M adhesive

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Final product and colors can be slightly different from the pictures

About B-Stock :

B-Stock are items with minor defects on the case who don’t impact the function of the board ( Very small 0.20mm marks on the bottom of the case, or hairline scratch ). Those defects are usually not visible in normal light, and normal operation.

Those items are sold with the same accessoires as standard units.  

Orders that contain both in-stock and pre order items will ship when the pre order items are ready.

In-stock items ship in 5 business days.

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