The pre-order will start soon for new Treasure TYPE-9 ( Series III ) macropad

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Treasure TYPE-9 is a fully programable metal 9-keys, 3by3 keyboard, that can be used for shortcuts, as a Stream Deck or simply for Artisan display. With QMK & VIA support, compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux. 

Design-wise, it is a mix of rounded lines and sharp edges, a compact, bold and timeless design that makes it stand out on your desk.

Aluminum / E-White
Aluminum / Matte Black

A large variety of finishes will be available for the new TYPE-9 (Series III) in both Aluminum and Brass materials. 

We will introduce new anodized finishes: Purple, Midnight Green and Silver, made of smooth bead-blasted aluminum 

And new special "Mirror" series, Jet Black Mirror and Purple Mirror, made of hand polished solid brass with PVD coating (~400gr) 

The classic E-white finish will come back.

Be notified of the TYPE-9 sale by filling in the interest check form in the link below

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