• Where are you located ?
    • We are located in Paris, France. Treasure was founded by Eric, Industrial Designer. All products ship from France.
  • Can I change my shipping address?
    • Yes, please email us at support <at> treasuretypes.com with your new address.
  • Where can I contact you ?
    • You can contact us at support <at> treasuretypes.com, we are also on Instagram and  Discord : http://tre.sr/discord
  • Do you take commission work ?
    • Yes, Please send me an e-mail to discuss your project.


  • TYPE 
    • "TYPE" is the keyboard line of TREASURE ®
      • TYPE-9 ( Macropad )
      • TYPE-30 ( Ortho Compact Keyboard )
      • TYPE-D
  • Series
    • "Series" are the different versions of a product, it is the same as "Mk", "Rev", or "Seq"
    • It is written in roman numeral ( II, III, IV, ... )
    • Group Buy
      • Group Buys are a method of sale similar to a pre-order. Payments are collected ahead of time in order to submit a bulk order to a manufacturer for production. Due to this, there is often an extended timeline from the order date to when the product is shipped out, with these timelines ranging from a couple weeks to several months. In all Group Buys posted here on the site I will include on the order page an estimated timeline for production and shipment.