Projects Updates - May 2021

TYPE-9 ( Series II )

First of all, thank you for your patience. Unfortunately, we will not be able to begin shippement in spring as initially expected. We will provide ETA as soon as possible.

Due to component shortages, our PCB supplier has informed us that there will be a delay with the PCB's by a few weeks.

Concerning PCB, We have also choosed Black FR4 substate color instead of the standard Green for the PCB after pre-production samples.

The keyboard cases are being made at the moment, we expect the aluminum white cases to be finished before the end of June, and then the brass cases shortly after.

All plates are done and in route to our warehouse, extra plates will be avaliable in our website in new colors ( Red, Champagne, Rose Gold ). Same for the custom colored feets.


Prototype cases are being made for the TYPE-30 seen on Instagram, We will recieve the prototype PCB this Week. We’re working on the latest revisions, hope you like it ! 💛