Projects Updates - July 2021

Hello to all, We are excited to inform you that we will start shipment of the Treasure TYPE-9 Series II.
We will start to ship the white aluminum version in a few days, as the brass versions (Chrome and Black Mirror) are in fabrication at the moment.

Please find below the shipping schedule for the TYPE-9 Series II

1 Aluminum Version ( White )
1.1 France Orders
1.2 DHL Express orders
1.3 International Priority package orders

2 Brass Versions ( Chrome and Black )
2.1 France Orders
2.2 DHL Express orders
2.3 International Priority package orders

Extras for the White versions will be available in a few days.

Address change deadline (For the white aluminum model) :
We will accepting address change up until Tuesday 10th August.
Please contact us if you need to change your address:

Other info. :
Brass versions are in PVD coating phase.
TYPE-9 Series II has been officially added to VIA and QMK