Projects Update - February 2024

Hello fellow Treasure-ers 👋

You will find in this mail updates for TRAY, TYPE-9 Grey Travel Case and TYPE-30

Huge thanks for your amazing feedback on the TYPE-9 Series III extra sale, in which all units were sold out within minutes 👀.

Keep an eye open as there might be a limited batch coming soon, we’ll make sure to announce in all of our channels.


We will start shipping the orders. For any address change, please send an e-mail before March 3rd to the following address:

To ensure fast delivery, our logistics partner (3PL) will handle the shipment 📦

Extras will follow after shipment of all GB sales.


We have received the pre-production PCB's, we are testing them at the moment, apart from minor tweaks, quality is great.

In addition, we ordered packaging samples in red, the same vibrant color as the previous products 🔥

Catch us on our Discord server for more updates.